Meet Jeff

Jeff is a quirky, self-taught artist from Scranton, PA – yes, that Scranton – the home of NBC’s The Office. His prop rental business, Jeff D’Angelo’s Design Group is based in Scranton’s South Side. His studio now houses over 15,000 pieces to create over 100 party themes. His fun and unique artwork, which can best be described as a “cartoon-twist on reality” can be found in all corners of the globe and at events both large and small all over Northeast Pennsylvania.

His lengthy art career began at 5 years old, when he began selling pre-colored coloring book pages to his neighbors. His career blossomed… that is, until his mom found out and made him give everyone their money back.

His talents don’t end with art, though. He’s a former drummer and a self-proclaimed “sexy dancer”, even with a broken shoe.
*Author’s note – I definitely did not break his shoe at a Swingin‘ in NEPA event. Probably.

This Scranton celebrity has rubbed elbows with Hollywood royalty and high-ranking public officials. That might mean that he rode an elevator with Ann Margret or that he may or may not have accidentally called then-Vice President Joe Biden “buddy” because he didn’t recognize him walking around the capital building, but who’s counting, right?

Check out more star-studded facts below!


Star-Studded Facts

  • Jeff was almost a star on The Office. Pam Beesly was supposed to land a job as an intern at Jeff D’Angelo’s Design Group before the writers decided to take another path.
  • Met the Philadelphia Eagle cheerleaders at a gas station in Scranton once.
  • Stayed at the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami with all the Miss Universe Pageant contestents. Sources say they were just as excited to see Jeff as he was to see them.*
    *It was Jeff… Jeff was the source
  • Former pro ball player Reggie Jackson was so star struck that all he could do was laugh when Jeff offered to share his workout tips.
  • Alicia Keys allegedly smiled at him from the window of a limo.